In order to stem the rise of BAD BOTS and online scammers we have introduced a 3 Step Registration Process.

1) Click on Register Today and fill out the short form then Save + Exit

2) You will receive an email to activate your account, please click on the activation link

3) Now click on Login! and add your Photos , your desires, your wants and your diswants  then Save + Exit

If you want to add more than 1 Photo to your Profile or if you want to add in more information about you or whom you want then Click on Register Today, this will give you the Free Option if you are a woman and the Paid for option if you are a Man.  Click Buy Now and fill out the new form.

Your Profile is now active and you can send and receive text messages and or PM

Remember keep all contact online untill you are 100% sure the person you are chatting too is the person you want to meet and always meet for Lunch first or a quick Coffee.