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Married but feeling neglected? In need of some excitement?

Discreet encounters or illicit encounters are so common these days. If you wish to have discreet encounters or illicit encounters you just need to go ahead, register yourself on our illicitromance website and bam, you can find yourself enjoying discreet adventures. Have you ever wondered what a discreet relationship or a discreet adventure is?

A discreet relationships is one in which both people are married or involved in a relationship. They just come together to have fun, seek change and have illicit encounters. It suits some people to meet for an affair during the day without people knowing about it. It creates a sense of excitement. Don’t tell me you have never fantasized about illicit encounters or discreet encounters. Everyone has, some call it discreet adventures

One day you realize you want to have a change. Something different to the usual relationship you are having which is stale and unexciting. It is quite common for married women and married men to have discreet relationships these days. Illicit encounters always bring with them excitement. Wow, the excitement or butterflies in your stomach when you see him/her. Going for discreet encounters can be a total high.

There are lots of websites available that make discreet encounters an easy task, some are great, some are to be avoided, because we at are here solely to bring like minded people together safely we are rapidly becoming the married dating website of choice. There are so many people who are members of these websites, all having the same kind of problem as yours. You don’t have to hide your desires or feelings or be afraid here. All the discreet encounters or discreet relationships are kept a secret here. .

Discreet encounters or illicit encounters are the type of romantic relationships in which two people come together just for change and with no ties attached. It can be a good way to relax and change your mind. You can always go back to your regular lifestyle with just an emotional uplift. You can always get what you desire from a new person and make it a lifetime moment for you! Such illicit encounters can make you feel needed again and will make you feel good.

Discreet adventures will give you a sense of accomplishment after all those years of staying the same. If done properly then this may do your marriage the world of good! We provide an online dating service for major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Dublin, Cork, Galway, London, Manchester and Yorkshire. Why not try us for Free!.